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Hey Folks! This Saturday night, 4/27/19 - (actually Sunday am, 4/28/19 when I think about it) I'll be on TV as part of STARVA! It's a talent search kinda show and you can call in to vote for me - which I hope you do. It airs at 1:30am after Saturday Night Live in Richmond, VA. Don't feel like staying up late? Then you can watch it here:

Thanks for your support!!


Happy New Year!


Hey Folks! We made it to 2019. That' s hard to believe. I hope this year will be full of great music and fun.

It occurs to me that I didnt post my interview from "No Depression" - check this out:

 Stay tuned! 


New Album Reviewed by No Depression!


I have my first review of the new album! Check it out here:



CD Release Party was Amazing!


Thanks to all who came to the Tin Pan on Saturday 1.13.18 - it was a night I will never forget. The response to the new cd is overwhelming and Im so proud of all the hard work we put into it. Take a look and share the new video, "Its My Year." Let's spread the love!!!


It's Here!!


I have this beautiful CD in my hot little hands. I can't wait for you to hear it! I can't tell you how thankful I am to have amazing friends and the support to undertake a project like this.  I'm proud of it and I hope you are too.

As soon as it's available online, I'll put up the link - thanks!


Recording Almost Done


The recording part is done! Now just mixing and Mastering. Stay tuned for the album release party!


Recording In Progress!


Since the beginning of the summer, I've been at Sound of Music Studios recording either a short CD or a lengthy EP - depends on how you want to look at it, I suppose. Bunch of cool originals that I've gathered over the years - its finally time to put them down. Lots of help form Radcliffe Burt, Chris Schup, John Priestley , and Rene Carillo and even my daughter, Sadie. I hope to have it finished by the fall. Funny how hard it is to get a busy bunch of 40 somethings in the same room for 8 hours :). I cant wait for you to hear it!


Trapezium Brewery


Me and the boys (Rad and Rene and sometimes Priest) will be playing a monthly gig at Trapezium brewery in Petersburg, VA. Check the website dates for details. If you havent been, it is certainly worth the drive! See you there!


Its a New Year!


Well, I had a relaxing holiday. You'll notice my calendar was a bit bare during December. That was purposeful - a much needed break and time with family and friends. Just gearing up for a fun new year full of music. Stay Tuned and Happy New Year!




Whoa - can you believe its mid november? I have to say last week was a personal blur what with the election and all. I am working through my 5000 levels of grief and will forge on by making music. I am doing some really cool stuff with VA Reporitory Theaterthese days - doing the music composition for their new "Theater for Babies" season. Its really a nice creative exploration and not like anything Ive done before. Come see us Nov 22 if you have a small baby type person in your life.:)


Happy Summer!


Hey Ya'll! Hope you are enjoying the warm days. I personally love it. I took some time off from playing at the beginning of the summer. Sometimes you have to let go for a bit before it starts seeming like work. I honestly didn't pick an instrument up for weeks. BUt now I find myself unplugging a little, writing more, and really missing being on stage. Just needed a little recharge. So check out my dates coming up for the rest of the summer. See you at the shows!


Great Weekend


I got to play at Richmond's The Tin Pan not once but twice this weekend. Got some pretty good footage of the Orderlies. Check out me and the boys!

Riding on Smoke:

Where is My mind:

Favorite Song:



MBargo Closed


Just FYI - All gigs are MBargo are cancelled!


Groovin in the Park!


On July 25, 2015, I drove to Deltaville, VA, to perform at the "Groovin in the Park" music series. Deltaville is a charming little town out on Virginia's northern neck area - and very much has the Chesapeake Bay vibe. I had the fantastic opportunity to open for Steve Bassett and Robbin Thompson. For those not in the know - they are the proud authors of Virginia's new State Song " Sweet Virginia Breeze" which replaced the antiquated and somewhat offensive, "Carry me back to ol' Virginny." I want to thank Billy Powell, who manages the events at the Deltaville Maritime Museum, for inviting me to play,  and for Jan for running a top notch sound system. A great evening!


March Madness


Ok kids, its on now! I've got a plethora of gigs coming up. I have been chosen as a finalist for Richmond Times Dispatch's "Cant buy me Talent" contest - see the times Dispatch site for more info. Im updating my calendar tonight - see you at the shows!


Springing up!


Hey ya'll - well, as you have probably noticed, i have been on a break since November. A much needed break - the first  one in ten years. But, I'm feeling a bit antsy now and am starting to get the urge to play. Plus I'm missing the extra cash lying around! Stay tuned for updates.


McCooks Closed!


Alas! Another Open Mic gone. Sadly, I read on the Facebook that McCooks is shutting its doors. I haven't checked it out but I am assuming that this Wednesday it will be closed. They had just put in a new stage and lighting - what a shame! My best to all who worked there.


OPEN MIC now on Wednesdays


McCooks Open mic is now on Wednesdays starting tonight! 10/2/13



Though I didn't think I wanted a weekly gig again, I am excited to let you all know that I will be hosting a new Open Mic Night at McCooks Grill in Lakeside. Same deal - Wednesday Nights - 8-11pm - but with 50 cent tacos -(holla!) PLease come and check it out - It starts February 8th!

Happy New Year!

So I got home from my winter trip south yesterday. It's official. Shenanigans is closed and my 10 year stint there is done. I am focused on writing and booking new and exciting venues, though - and anticipating that the change of pace will provide inspiration. Change is good and I'm looking forward to it. Happy New Year, ya'll!

Dirty Blonde Video!!

Need a laugh? Well, this should cheer you up. This is what Suzi and I do after teaching safety all day. enjoy!


Happy 2011 to everyone! So, you gotta resolution? Mine is to actually take the time to write a few more songs. That and drop the 5 pounds I gained....

December News

Hey there - Enjoyed a recording session with Rad Burt and Friends for Rad's new solo album. It is going to be fantastic!


has it really been a year since i've updated this - OMG. Please check out the new blog for updates!


I somehow have managed to be cast in PULP, the latest Richmond Triangle Players project. It takes place in the 50s in a girl bar called "The Well" - I play the bartender (type cast). I have to wear high heels. That in itself should be worth the price to see.....Check out for more info.


So I'm redoing my website -'bout time, huh? I have great new pictures from Amy Free at - she's out of Charlotte, NC and she's terrific. I'm looking forward to a fulfilling year - how bout you?

People with whom I've played

I decided to keep a running list of bands /people I've played with in the last 20 years - here goes: Adrienne Julie Clarke The Derailers Eileen Edmunds Kyler England Kristin Ford Moussa Millan and Kenzie Ashland Miller Shawn Mullins Kurt Stemhagen (Rockfish Willie) Orange Hat Orderlies Pennyshaker Dale Watson Yes, my brother used to play with Shawn Mullins back in the day - they used to practice in our basement! I opened for them in Dahlonega , GA. I think they actually opened for me in Greenville, SC - hah!


The Orderlies have finally finished their first CD entitled "Beautiful You." Come celebrate its arrival with us at Legend's Brewery March 24, 2007! See for more info!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a festive holiday season - I sure did - hard to be back in the real world. This year the Orderlies will finally be dropping their new CD - PTL! Also, I aim to spice up my Wednesday night Shenanigan's gig with lots of special guests. That should keep it interesting. Looking forward to a fun filled and meaningful 2007.

Back in the Saddle

I just got done with the final show of "Sordid LIves" - put on by the Richmond Triangle Players. I can't tell you how much fun I had and what a pleasure it was to meet eevryone in the very talented cast. I have a new appreciation for the theatre scene here in town - you should, too. Anyway, Starting in November I'll be back playing my favorite haunt - Shenanigans. It'll be great fun to be back. Check out the big page on me at - looking forward to seeing ya'll!

What's happn'in

Hey everyone! Well at the end of July I gave birth to our latest bundle of joy. Check out the pictures ifnya want to see her. I have been taking a hiatus from playing but have some interesting things coming up this fall. I'll be playing a show in GA in Sept in Dahlonega and more excitingly, I'll be in a play with the Richmond triangle players! Be sure to come see "Sordid Lives" in late Sept and every weekend in October. The Orderlies will be picking up after that. Thanks for all your support!

babies R Us

You may be wondering why I'm staying a little closer to home these days. It's 'cause I'm due to give birth at the end of the summer so my mobility (and ability to stay up until 2 am) has declined a bit. Expect a break in the action from mid-June until maybe September whilst I cook this baby up and get her goin'. In the Fall, you can expect the Orderlies to start things off with a bang as our new CD will be ready to roll out! So stick around!

Ground hoggin

Yep - I'm already ready for spring - I have been freezing! Staying kinda close to home this month - we (the Orderlies) are feverishly working on finishing our CD. It is gonna be good - so be patient!

what's up?

Well, I'm heading down to Atlanta this week - looking forward to that show at Eddies - it'll be fun to be in my ol' stompin ground.. Things are going to slow down slightly for the Orderlies as Radcliffe is taking a European vacation until mid-November while John and I sit jealously at home. Maybe we'll record mean songs about him and his meandering...


So I just got back from a vacation in the FLA Keys....and I'm desperately trying to figure out how I can live down there for good. They do have tons of live music...and it's not "all Buffet all the time" like it used to be.. Anyway, we were lucky enough to catch a band called the Greyhounds at the Green Parrot and I was lucky enough to sit in on a song on harmonica with the band! They are great - check 'em out.

CD recording

The Orderlies are furiously working on a full length CD. We have 11 songs basicly finished. The first 3 have been put on a demo for mass consumption. So, come to our shows and get you one!

Fun in Norfolk

Had a great time playing in Norfolk with Julie Clark - the venue is a little scary on the outside, but very cool on the inside. Hope to be going back there soon.

Spring has sprung

..and my allergies are BAD. I heard yesterday that pollen is worse then it has been in 14 years - I believe it! Looking for some great shows coming up and also continuing recording the Orderlies CD. Stay tuned!

All Songs Considered!

I'll be featured on 3/16 on the Open Mic version of NPR's All Songs Considered. Check out for more info and to have a listen.

Cover Girl

Check out the March addition of "North of the James" magazine. My big ol' face is on the cover and there is a 5 page story about your truly. I have to admit it has been difficult dodging the paparazzi lately.....HA!


FYI - you can purchase and download your favorite Amy tunes off of a number of websites. Tower Records, itunes, and dozens of others! So wherever you choose to get your tunes, just do a search and download your favorites off of "Back Down" or "Superblue Division Street!"


Wow - I didn't realize I was so controversial! Did you see my guestbook? Some UK teens must have been bored and wrote some pretty foul stuff - I really liked the one that said that my CD made her daughter kill herself, but that was okay because she was sick of "That tart!" - just wait til you play it backwards..... Also, there shockingly was another person with the unlikely name of AMY HENDERSON - -hmmmmm...too bad missy - I can't go to the eye doctor without them confusing me with another Amy Henderson in town... Anyway - keep writing - I find it quite amusing!